Stonebridge Equity Partners

Stonebridge Equity Partners has been investing in private companies for over 25 years.  Our investment philosophy is distinctive, and the role we play is unique.

Is it time to realize the success you’ve achieved? Is it time for new energy, ideas, and people to help grow your business? Is it time for new capital to help capture the opportunities at hand?

We are a unique private equity group.  We invest our own capital in private companies and then roll up our sleeves and work with management to accomplish the goals at hand.


You deal directly with the Stonebridge Partners, each of whom has a personal vested interest in your company’s success. We bring a wealth of financial and business skills, experience, and knowledge to help each of our investee companies.


We have a passion for business, deep respect for entrepreneurs and a strong desire to help you and your business. We work towards shared success, strong partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to always do what’s best for our investee companies.


Let’s sit down and talk about what’s right for you and your company.

(from left to right, Gary Lang, Russ Andrew, Rod Maxwell and Michael Lang)
StoneBridge Equity Partners, is a business name used by StoneBridge Merchant Capital Corp.