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Why StoneBridge?

Why Partner with Stonebridge?

We help build successful businesses

We understand that managing a business is difficult, decisions can be tough, and time is always in short supply. We don’t try to run your day-to-day operations, but we help in areas where you neither have the time nor the expertise. We are experienced and flexible and work hard for your business’s success.


Over the years, we have directly assisted our investee companies in many key business areas, including:


  1. Sound Business Advice — Our investee companies have access to the collective wisdom and experience of the StoneBridge team. We take the time to listen, learn, and discuss important business issues so that we can offer common-sense advice.
  2. Develop Effective Growth Strategies — We assist with the step-by-step analysis and implementation of key strategies to achieve long-term profitable growth.
  3. Management Recruitment and Succession Planning — Finding and adding quality management to a company is a critical and time-consuming effort that requires a keen assessment of talents and attributes. We have assisted with the recruitment of several key management individuals for our investee companies.
  4. Bank and Equity Financings We help design, develop and negotiate appropriate debt and equity financings.
  5. Legal Agreements — We assist with reviewing, editing, and commenting on key business issues in legal agreements for a wide range of business activities.
  6. Active Board Representation — We provide leadership and active involvement in Board of Director meetings. We also look to recruit knowledgeable, involved board members.
  7. Financial Modelling and Planning We help create and develop financial models using realistic assumptions so that we can properly understand the economic impact and requirements of key business decisions.
  8. Market Analysis — We assist with analyzing existing and new customers to appreciate their changing needs, monitor current and potential competitors, and closely follow industry trends and technological changes.
  9. Communication We assist with the dissemination of key information in a concise and timely manner to directors, shareholders, lenders, and other stakeholders.
  10. Geographic expansion and Acquisitions — Whether you are looking to expand to a new market or make a strategic acquisition, the process is a serious drain on management time and focus.
    • We help uncover vital facts in the due diligence and evaluation process.
    • We act as an intermediary in the acquisition process to present our investee companies in the best light possible.
  11. Sale Process – We do not have a defined time frame to exit our investments, but when the timing is right, we have the experience and expertise to efficiently manage a sale process for the sellers. We find that when we work closely with management to build strong businesses, the right buyer groups will seek us out and want to acquire our companies.