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Investment Focus

Investment Focus

Common interests and alignment are the foundation of strong partnerships


Each investment is personal to us. By investing our own capital, we can help our companies focus on building long-term value instead of working
toward a predetermined investment horizon.


We invest in business fundamentals, not specific industries. We focus on companies that have:


Financial Criteria

  • Revenues in excess of $15 Million per annum.
  • EBITDA or Cash Flow in excess of $2 Million per annum.


Key Business Characteristics

  • Stable and recurring revenue
  • Growth potential (organic and by way of complementary acquisitions)
  • Low cyclicality
  • Diverse customer base
  • Well-established market reputation and brand


We typically invest in family, entrepreneur or owner-operator companies that generate consistent free cash flow, so we have the flexibility to reinvest in the existing business, pursue growth opportunities, reduce leverage, or distribute earnings to the shareholders.


Types of Transactions

We bring new energy, ideas, and people to help your business


We are prepared to purchase minority or majority share positions in private companies. We are completely flexible with our equity investments in terms of amount and investment horizon. For larger investment opportunities, we are prepared to partner with select private equity firms that share our vision.


Buyout significant shareholders

For the business owner, a sale transaction gives you and your family a chance to step back and realize the value of your business. A transaction with us will be concluded in a timely, efficient manner with a buyer that will respect your core business values and employees and further the business foundations you established.


Buyout inactive shareholders with smart partners

Many private companies have minority shareholders who are not active and are looking to exit their share positions. We are prepared to acquire minority share positions in strong companies.


Capital to grow and make acquisitions

Many companies need additional capital to pursue and realize new growth opportunities, including timely acquisitions. We can provide the money and expertise to help with the growth processes from beginning to end.


Add a partner that will be aligned with you for the eventual sale of your company

Many owners would like to prepare their companies for eventual sale but are not prepared for the daunting one to five-year process of management succession, business plan development, due diligence preparation, and handling the actual sale process with the buyer and M&A professionals.  We have been through the process many times, and we know how to provide the necessary expertise to maximize value.


Management Buyouts (MBOs)
We back entrepreneurial management that is prepared to invest in their own future


A company’s management team rarely has enough of their own capital to buy their company. We provide the additional capital to back a Management Buy-Out (MBO). We guide and handle the transaction from beginning to end. Management can stay focused on running the business, and the existing owners have the luxury of dealing with a knowledgeable, experienced investment group.


From the perspective of management, MBOs provide an opportunity to gain direct equity ownership in the business they helped grow, implement your vision and business strategies and realize significant personal equity gains.