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Gary Lang

Managing Director

Gary Lang, MBA


Prior to co-founding Stonebridge in 1996, Gary gained extensive exposure to a wide variety of companies and industries in mid-market commercial banking with Scotiabank in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta. Scotiabank is one of Canada’s top tier banks with extensive domestic and international operations. Gary rapidly progressed through various positions in commercial banking, but his true goal and passion was to directly invest and assist private, mid-market companies.


For over twenty years, Gary has been actively engaged with our investee companies as a board member and lead from the Stonebridge group.  He’s been directly involved in management recruitment, numerous equity and debt financings, strategic plans and successful exit transactions to the significant benefit for all shareholders.


Gary has a passion for business, deep respect for entrepreneurs and a strong desire to make each investee company successful.  He believes strong friendships with excellent people in strong companies is the secret to successful investments.


Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and an MBA from the University of Alberta.